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Aseptic carton filli Aseptic carton filli Rotary type tank was Sealing machine(Dega Blow drying machine Filling and sealing The liquid nitrogen Filling and sealing
Production capacity: 80-250 tank /min
Application of tank diameter: 40-80mm
tape speed: 0.33m/s
with power: 0.55KW
compressed air or steam pressure: 0.2mPa
cleaning water inlet pressure: >0.15mPa
size: 1900X530X1150mmWeight: 480KG

Working principle.

Just put the empty tank via a left rotary to the conveyor belt cloth, tank bottom by adhesive tape with a magnetic rail tightly on the tape, with the tape of the rotation, empty cans gradually into the tape. And inverted shape, then rinse pipe nozzle pressure water spray into the tank and tank continuous flushing, along with the tape running, the canister into the dry, sterile compressed air spray from the nozzle into the tank, the empty cans in the adhesion of water dry (such as steam, the tank water into steam blowing adhesion volatile stem, at high temperature sterilization ), and then washed with empty cans adhesive tape to keep running, sent to the tape above tank mouth upward, and then by a tank automatic speed to the conveyor chain, from the conveyor to canning canning machine.

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