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Aseptic carton filli Aseptic carton filli Rotary type tank was Sealing machine(Dega Blow drying machine Filling and sealing The liquid nitrogen Filling and sealing
Our company in accordance with domestic large and medium-size canning factory,beverage factory the actual situation,in the light of Switzerland's most advanced Sealing,filling the design and manufacure of similar products of a new generation of filling,Sealing machine combinations.Contac-free cans of the pneumatic control automatically covered under the use of liquid filling,such as technology,production capacity of Frequency Control,95% more than the appearance of stainless steel materialsto ensure that the whole appearance and heath requirements.To improve the vacuum tank,according to customer configuration steam injection device,in order to ensure maximum technical support to customers can be equipped with remote monitoring system.

Main techniacl parameters: 
Seamer heads: 4
Filler heads: 18
Capacity: 80~250 cans/min
Can apply to high: 39~160mm
Applicable of tank diameter: φ52.5~99mm
 Power: 5kw
Machine size: 3080 × 1720 × 2000mm


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