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Grain filling machin Can washer /Can turn Filling machine JQ18 Thick sauce filling concentrated filling
Main technical parameters:
A number of cans:6
Filling head:36
Throughput.300~400Tank / min
Application of the height of the tank:60~133mm
Application of tank diameter:Φ52.~Φ99mm
Machine size:4000×2400×2400mm

High concentrated filling machine sealing machine using PLC automatic control technology and the touch screen interface display operation, operation speed with frequency conversion speed, the yield can reach <=600 tank / branch.

At the same time, filling and sealing machine adopts imported motor synchronous connection speed, stable and reliable operation, especially suitable for the quantitative filling products with high accuracy. Device equipped with automatic lubrication

Oil supply system, imported roller head, ensure the safe operation of equipment; equipment with quantitative filling precision, sealing a pass rate is high; the device is reasonable in structure, automatic

The high degree of stainless steel frame, handsome in appearance, complete with food hygiene and safety requirements. It is large and medium-sized cans manufacturers to replace imported equipment ideal filling sealing

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