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Grain filling machin Can washer /Can turn Filling machine JQ18 Thick sauce filling concentrated filling

The machine is suiable for 12-head rotary plunger type sauce filling and canning of various round cans with the weight less than or equal to 1000g.The machine is a sealing and sauce filling combination machine designed and manufactured by referring to the most advanced same filling and can sealing products from abroad,The pneumatically controlled cover feeding without can body contact is adopted.The producion adopts touch screen control.It is an ideal device for ketchup,honey and canning factories.

Main techniacl parameters: 
Seamer heads: 4
Filler heads: 12
Capacity: 80~250 cans/min
Can apply to high: 39~133mm
Applicable of tank diameter: φ52.5~99mm
 Power: 5.5kw
Machine size:2900× 560 × 2000mm


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