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Aseptic carton filli Aseptic carton filli Rotary type tank was Sealing machine(Dega Blow drying machine Filling and sealing The liquid nitrogen Filling and sealing

Key type automatic quick service ( Quick Service ):A. nitrogen accumulation of internal water automatic cleaning machine.B. accelerated nitrogen injection head and accelerated solution cream work.C.CIP/SIP nitrogen positive pressure nursing.Prevent moisture ingress of air outside the body.Interior solution of cream, impede the operation of equipment.

ModelInchcloser YQ100 series

Uses: used for beverage production line.

Function: Liquid nitrogen doser, the amount of liquid nitrogen is accurate add beverage tank

Principle: injection of nitrogen into the tank, capping after liquid nitrogen will immediately gasification, gas nitrogen is equal to 700 times the volume of the liquid nitrogen,and the whole in the tank added pressure, avoid the end product tank phenomenon.

Total weight:27KG




Liquid quantitative filling system of technological innovation

No tank without charging interval charging mode ( Pulse Injectionmodes ), reducing nitrogen consumption, reduce operation cost.

Vacuum heat-insulating - ultra low evaporation rate ( NER ) 0.15 liters / liquid nitrogen machine, reduce operation cost.

Nozzle nitrogen nursing system (Nozzle Blanketing ), prevent the outside air spray cavity internal frosting.

The liquid nitrogen level positioning control, pressure stability, improve the accuracy of liquid nitrogen dose,

At the same time to reduce nitrogen " flash " ( Flash Loss ) caused by liquid nitrogen loss.

Liquid level in power system control, from electronic level control system and electric valve fault repair.

Liquid vapor separator, to ensure that the liquid nitrogen in supercooled state, improve " the pure liquid " quality, help nitrogen dose precisely.

Buffer nitrogen filling function, effectively prevent the liquid nitrogen spilled liquid nitrogen pickup rebound, volume stability, ensure the stable pressure tank.

Equipped with a filter ( 10um option ), the removal of particulate pollution.


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