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PET for good health security, has been widely used in food packaging industry, mainly in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, etc.Although, was thinking that lightweight packaging industry development, however, PET packing market demand continues to rise.

Manufacturers of PET DAK Americas is expected this year in Mexico level of GDP growth, can be in carbonated soft drinks to use more PET bottled water.For other manufacturers of PET and DAK saw this one change, that is each unit of bottled water less than a soft-drink bottle using PET.

According to the forecast competent business AntonioGarzaRios, 2016 Mexican PET demand will grow by about 2.5%, this is completely in line with Mexico's economic situation, GarzaRios pointed out that Mexico had been a soft drink consumption leading countries, per capita soda tax enacted until 2014, the country's soft drink consumption fell 12% in the first year.

Even if there is the challenge of lightweight, GarzaRios said the DAK clients are looking at more of the mold and shape.

He also said: "we have a lot of innovation with customers, they are always trying to add value, some of this process has achieved the commercialization, and some are still in development."

Soft drinks suppliers are trying to use smaller PET bottle, this is the size of the consumers think more healthy than before.

AntonioGarzaRios rubber exhibition in Mexico in 2016 said: "our opponent is lightweight, bottled water is still growing, but not as fast as in the past growth, this is consumer preferences.


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