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Coffee processing equipment to meet the innovation into the upgrade period

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Because domestic consumer demand constantly increasing, shows the coffee industry great prospects for development, so the attract many businessmen to enter the market at the same time, the home of the defects in the coffee market also gradually appear.To eliminate these short board, improve the overall quality of the coffee industry, perfect the industry chain structure, more have been positive action in our country.

As Europe and the United States and South Korea brand of coffee shops to hit, Harbin in these few years quietly descended into a city of coffee culture.But with the need of coffee beans from yunnan and hainan transhipment, making coffee when reach the hands of consumers, already can't guarantee the best taste, therefore, in February, the coffee industry in heilongjiang province and release communication alliance, the alliance established the six of its members to Argentina to grow beans, reuse of Brazil's baking technology, create products of China's independent brand of coffee.The move will also drive the Harbin after hainan and yunnan become the domestic a trading hub for green coffee beans.To fill the gaps in supply fresh coffee beans is in the north of China.

And as a source of our coffee in yunnan province, on the basis of the guarantee adequate supply of fresh coffee, coffee will guarantee the listed again the quality of the products.A few days ago, China's first national coffee examination key laboratory (pu) in pu 'er city officially start construction, inspection and quarantine for a coffee industry, arbitration, scientific research, personnel training and international technology exchange set up multi-functional service platform, will strongly promote the development of coffee industry in pu and even the whole.The move also to fill the gaps in our coffee products professional laboratory, coffee products for foreign trade to provide powerful technical support.

Shanghai as an international port city, nature also will exert a force outside of the coffee industry.The first large coffee experience centre - universal coffee show experience pavilion will be located in free trade zone, Shanghai plan preparation decorates in March, may, the first national pavilion will be formally.It is understood that the universal coffee experience pavilion it is one of the "Shanghai cooperation yunnan" landing project, strive to will be promoted to China's yunnan coffee show window to the world.

At present, our country has already started to each project from various angles, makes every effort to do the domestic coffee industry chain is complete, there is no short board, depth and promote industry development, expand the overseas market.

Coffee industry equipment industry development

The activity of the coffee industry will lead to the development of process technology and equipment of coffee.Coffee processing generally contain peeling, fermentation, drying, baking, grinding and other steps.Among them, the life is the most common steps in the grinding, now, the coffee machine will have this effect on market.

In terms of the most common type of coffee machine, starting from the coffee culture into China, the coffee machine also has appeared in more and more coffee lovers and even ordinary consumers at home.Whether it is a simple operation method of pressure pot, mocha coffee pot or high-end grade of Italian atmospheric steam machine has become the good assistant of the coffee making people in dinner.However, due to the complexity of semi-automatic coffee machine operation, high professional skills requirements of users.As a result, the application of electronic technology to the coffee machine, developed a set of grinding powder, powder, filling pressure, brewing, clearing debris and other brewing process in an automatic coffee machine.Today, the market is given priority to with full automatic coffee machine, high quality automatic coffee machine in accordance with the scientific data and programs to make coffee, and have perfect protection system, favored by consumers.

And with the consumers for their roasting coffee beans is yearning to strengthen gradually, the coffee beans baking technology optimization has been performed.So far, in order to realize the large-scale baking, people has carried out many research on automatic baking monitoring technology, such as monitoring the volume of coffee beans and porosity, temperature test of coffee beans, or monitor the color of coffee beans and so on.But these are not well meet the requirements of baking at home.It is reported, an acoustic baking technology is developing stage, namely through voice control technology to control the baking process.If the technology research and development success, can realize the coffee beans baking automatic monitoring.

As the coffee industry rapid development, consumer demand, in the future, process technology and equipment of coffee or will implement the entire intelligence, integration.

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