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Milk and juice can't eat together count of 10 kinds of milk "bane food"

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Drink milk to avoid these pitfalls
Milk contains rich nutrition, not only including essential amino acids, and high content and easy absorption of calcium, drink is very good for your health.Drink milk, however, must pay attention to, the following is a common mistake to drink milk, you must pay attention to avoid --
Drink milk on an empty stomach
Drink milk on an empty stomach will increase peristalsis, milk in the stomach stay a shorter time, the use of internal cannot be fully absorb the nutrients.Best drink milk with some starchy food, such as steamed bread, bread, corn, beans, is conducive to digestion and absorption.

Add calcium in milk powder
In the milk proteins, primarily casein, lactalbumin, and milk globulin and the content of casein most, accounting for 83% of the milk protein, casein by OCK again -, K -, beta, and gamma - casein.
If you drink milk, adding calcium powder, too much calcium, will be combined with OCK - and beta casein, make the milk appear solidification phenomenon.In addition, calcium and other proteins in the milk will combine to produce precipitation, especially when heated, this phenomenon is more obvious.Therefore, calcium add calcium in milk powder of avoid by all means.

Place the milk in the sun
Life always visible sent milk, milk, milk in the sun direct illuminate for a long time, so the sun will relentlessly destroying the nutrients in milk, or even make it bad.
Sunlight for 2 hours, the riboflavin lose half and riboflavin in milk by sunlight into fluorescent riboflavin can also be further destroys the vitamin C, so milk to avoid light, more can't long time exposure.

Prefer highly processed milk
Highly processed milk, its nutritional value is not necessarily better than milk.This is because, after many processing most joined the trace elements in milk or inorganic salt, but not everyone needs to supplement these components, so it is not suitable for everyone.

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