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How to correctly select juice

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Select see concentration fruit juice first step: high concentration, good nutrition

Fruit juice drinks in labeled bottle is labeled concentration.On the market at present roughly four concentration fruit juice beverage: 10%, 30%, 50% and 100%, most of 10%.Take 380 ml10 % concentration fruit juice, for example, only 10% its original fruit juice content, namely just 38 ml, others are water and food additives, as the value of "juice" cans be imagined.In some fruit juice industry more mature countries, only 10% of the original fruit juice drink can't even called juice drinks, is only allowed to use the content on the 30% "juice drink" name.So someone jokingly said, some people which is in the fruit juice, water is in a sweetener pigment.

Choose fruit juice the second step is to see origin: good juice, kind of

As the saying goes, orange huainan is orange, was born in huaibei is definite.Made of good origin fruit juice nature much better than the average.A good taste, nature does not add too much food additive.

If juice raw materials come from good origin, general manufacturers enjoyed bottle label express, such as the farmer orchard clearly indicate its tomato, carrot from xinjiang, oranges from Brazil and fully confident of jiangxi province.When consumer choose to pay attention.

Selection of juice step 3 to see precipitation: there is precipitation, good fruit juice

With precipitation of preserved fruit juice that manufacturers in the production process of cellulose, and cellulose is very beneficial to human body.Hence the precipitation than no precipitation generally juice is more suitable for human consumption, need to "shake before drinking.

Second, some fruit juice, fruit not precipitation in homogeneous suspension, no matter how long placed this is counter-intuitive, food additives may be added some unknown.Exactly how safe, to test and verify.

Selection of juice see assaying the fourth step: the more mellow, more natural

Supermarkets in some juice color is gorgeous, good permeability, it;Some transparency is not high, look is mellow, even a bit bleak.

Just the production of fruit juice bright color is normal, but placed after a long time still color gorgeous is not always the good juice.

Immediately after fresh apples, the surface will be a layer of rust.The reason was that the fruits are easy to oxidation, place for a long time, the color will change.Juice, stored for a long time, the color becomes rich, have qualitative feeling, transparent and bright degree is reduced.Placed for a long time will not change the color of fruit juices can be added stabilizer.color-protecting and preservatives, advised consumers to be careful when drinking.

Those on the shelf look a little pale instead of fruit juice is good fruit juice!

Selection of juice step 5 see ingredients: good ingredients, healthy fruit juice beverage bottle labeled will indicate the ingredients.This time the consumer is going to take a closer look at these ingredients.

Juice drinks in common harmful or controversial ingredients are: preservatives, stabilizer.color-protecting, so-and-so acid sodium, etc.

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