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Innovative beverage packaging industry breakthrough development bottleneck

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Have been media reports, the newspaper recession, the rise of new media is more and more strong, the media present, Japan's newspaper industry, once again made some tiny and the change of the goodwill, the newspapers and mineral water together, let more and more young people, attaches great importance to the habit of reading the newspaper.Although this is in order to increase the channels for young people to read the newspaper, however, for the beverage industry, also have a bonus: packed in newspapers do, pretend bility of design not only failed to reduce, and enhance the recognition on the shelf.

Have to say that this is a successful cooperation, not only improves the print to the attention of a young group, also has made the new beverage packaging ideas.This also caused the related personnel and enterprise focus on beverage packaging innovation.

Beverage packaging is one of the main factors to attract consumers to buy.Consumer often can preliminary judgment by beverage packaging its taste and products.And the current domestic beverage industry development is still in a downturn, in order to break through the dilemma, beverage processing enterprise innovation should not only from the product itself, also need to actively introduce packaging designs to attract consumers.

Personalized design

For brands, a good packaging ultimate aim is to supermarket shelves in the first time to win the attention of consumers, encouraging them to the end of choose and buy, the so-called love at first sight.In terms of the design of the packaging design character, there are two innovative ways, one is a unique creative ideas, such as Japanese using newspapers do packaging, 2 it is to follow local trends, such as Pepsi bottles emoji faces is coming out this summer.

Like this kind of packaging design innovation, rely mainly on digital printing, digital printing and traditional printing is the biggest difference is that the latter have printing, based on the template printed millions of copies;The digital printing digital images with the printer to print out directly, don't need to constantly change the plate.That is to say, use digital print to print labels or packaging, need time is shorter, can appear on the market at a faster time, and easier to customize products.

The mintel's report pointed out that the digital printing packaging decoration market has accounted for 10% in the whole world, the development is better than the industry expects.Report predicted that in 2016, digital printing will usher in a tipping point, ranging from a limited edition and personalization products to expand into the mainstream product packaging.

Convenient form

With the quickening pace of life, a lot of people do not sit idle down slowly.For the busy group, choose easy to carry or moderate size is much more important than the original design.

With the expansion, brand portfolio of products to meet consumer demand in different times and different occasions to use, have to provide more size selection.At the same time, if you want to meet the needs of consumers easy to carry, food flexible packaging has a great advantage.

Angus has reported: compared with the past, the family gradually all over the world think the large capacity of milk more valuable;39% of UK consumers want to see more namesake fizzy drinks;50% of health conscious of snacks consumers willing to small sample product.

It is reported, food flexible packaging has a lightweight, easy to carry, the advantages of the sealed well, so loved by consumers.And, in the eyes of brands and manufacturers, flexible packaging products more convenient to transport, are better able to save and protection products, and reduce the use of materials, reduce the cost of the material usage.

In order to adapt to social development, diversification and drinks beverage packaging size flexible packaging will become the development trend in the future.

Green material

The pursuit of a healthy diet has become the goal of all over the world, food packaging as the longest "intimacy" objects, its safety importance is self-evident.As the environmental protection consciousness gradually enhanced, all countries in the world in the development of new environmental protection packing material, makes every effort to reduce environmental pollution.

The topic of environmental protection is always accompanied by rapid economic development, food packaging in the food industry is the one horn of the environment pollution is inevitable.Every year is not recycling, directly discarded food packaging bags, has become a part of the solid waste is very big, bring enormous pressure to the environment.But the unlikely because the protection of the environment and don't eat, not to use food packaging bags, such isolate does not comply with the time development needs.Only consumers to increase environmental awareness, zero pollution to the environment of choose and buy food packaging bags, or recycled packaging recycling, achieve the sustainable development of economy.And the realization of this, cannot leave the progress of science and technology and research and development of new food packaging materials.

In the future, environmental protection materials and environmental protection way of spending will account for the mainstream, beverage packaging industry will also be trendy actively adjust the structure.

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