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Vegetable protein beverage industry competition is intense

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As to enhance the health consciousness of Chinese consumers, traditional knowledge is positioned as a nourishing effect of vegetable protein drinks are also popular.Angus, the vegetable protein beverage, 2016, according to a new report coconut juice drink is one of the fastest growing sub category, Chinese consumers said before ending on October 2015 to drink half a year, 30% for drinking more than in the past, its drinking compared to last year, more than the soybean drink (29%) and corn beverage (26%).

At the same time, according to the mintel data, most Chinese consumers (87%) in the past six months had vegetable protein drinks.Since 2010, the whole of China vegetable protein beverage market steady development, sales and sales of the average annual compound growth rate of 24.4% and 21.3% respectively, and predicted the Chinese vegetable protein beverage market sales growth is expected to increase from 2015 in 5.843 billion to 2020, 2020 liters.

Yang Qing Angus, food and beverage analyst said, "vegetable protein beverage permeability is high, the improvement of its sales growth mainly driven by the increasing of high-end models on the market. However, we also found that preference in different areas also vary in different sub category, such as the northern area prefer almond, southern and eastern prevail is coconut juice drinks."

Than in previous years for the vegetable protein beverage drinking occasions, "when friends and family occasions with the greatest growth, from 38% growth in 2013 to 57% in 2015.Breakfast is the most common vegetable protein drink 2013 using occasions, but 2015 occasions of ranking changes, "leisure time" at home no. 1 (63%), "eating at home" in third (55%).

Yang Qing said, "this is mainly by women, have a high school or below degree and two/three cities consumer driven, given the use occasion extends beyond the breakfast, vendors should add new element in the product, in order to make the drinking occasions more leisure and diversity of vegetable protein drinks."

Although Chinese consumers will usually in the holiday or special occasions vegetable protein beverage as a gift, but 70% of consumers said they buy vegetable protein drinks is mainly for personal use.According to the mintel's report, the majority of consumers to buy vegetable protein drinks for private use of household income is higher consumer (a line of urban household income over 16000 yuan, two/three line city household income of more than 14000 yuan) and consumers from the first-tier cities, when buying vegetable protein drinks is a gift of consumers tend to favor the international brand and purchase online.

Yang Qing concluded, "'s attitudes towards gift-giving can be seen that the consumer for international brand halo effect of better quality and more large packaging specifications products online to choose from, the international brand of vegetable protein drinks of better product quality, have fewer additives, and to provide additional health benefits. These characteristics is precisely what the consumer to pure label and does not contain that increasingly keen interest, which provide the advantageous competition starting point for the international brand, of course, domestic brands on the tastes of localization, a wide range of purchasing channels and cost-effective also still occupy the favorable advantage."

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