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Flexible packaging: greening development help break through the industry competition

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Task of packaging design is very simple, is to attract the attention of potential customers, and convince them to buy the product.Now, when consumers in the choose and buy goods, in addition to attracted to unusual pattern design, will also consider convenience to carry, save the sealing element, etc.Among them, the flexible packaging is good to meet the consumer demand, showed significant market power.But affected by the environmental protection consciousness, flexible packaging green is also the new trend.

Relevant sources, in the packaging industry, flexible packaging with brilliant colour, rich features, various forms of expression, become one of the most main packaging forms shelf sales.Among them, the soft snack bags, level off, can stand at the bottom of the laundry detergent packing, are such.The progress of the domestic soft packaging industry greatly promoted the development of the food, cosmetic and other industries, the development of these industries, in turn, further boost the demand for flexible packaging market, won the enormous market power make the flexible packaging industry.

Flexible packaging vast market competition pressure

Reported that this year, nearly 75% of global flexible packaging products used in food packaging, including meat, fish and poultry, is one of the largest food types, dosage of candy and baked goods.From 2010 to 2015, the food flexible packaging consumption growth at an average annual rate of 4.0%, beverage and drug consumption growth followed.In the past 10 years, flexible packaging has been packaging on the market demand is one of the fastest-growing category.

Global flexible packaging market demand for $210 billion this year, the consumption of 26.2 million tons, the market value of $91.7 billion.In the next five years, flexible packaging market demand will be increased to $248 billion at an average annual rate of 3%, the consumption will be increased to 31.7 million tons, with an average annual rate of 3.8% of market value will be 4.4% average annual growth rate is increased to $114 billion.

Flexible packaging popular for many reasons.Consumers like it lightweight, easy to carry, good sealing, some after opening can also be resealed.These advantages in the brand and manufacturer eyes means is convenient for transportation, and are better able to save and protection products.Producers also given than the solid packing box use relatively less material, and thus reduce the material cost.Another important note, flexible packaging easily adjust into various shape, size, shape, William gallas on chain, bottle caps, also is not difficult to handle therefore has the multi-function, suitable for different products.

However, the current flexible packaging industry competitive pressure increasing, and the upstream industry (raw material) and the downstream enterprises (client), the influence of flexible packaging enterprise survival space continuously squeezed.Rising labor costs, frequent staff flow, homogenized competition intensified, while a bigger test is flexible packaging industry have to face more and more environmental protection, safety, health and other related rules.

In this grim situation, more and more flexible packaging enterprises have begun to realize that the enterprise must be real effort to understand the real demand for soft packaging, packaging must be carried out in the structure adjustment, must carry out transformation and upgrading, to have room for improvement.And under the background of green environmental protection, flexible packaging enterprises from traditional processors to overall solution provider, but also the historical opportunity of flexible packaging industry faces.

Green is the inevitable trend

In recent years, the development of green packaging has been the industry consensus and trend, this trend will continue until 2016, and will be packed in more and more enterprises get practice and promotion.

In the New Year, more companies will follow the "4 r + 1 d" (low consumption, the development of new green materials, reuse, recycle and degradable) principles, in the green environmental protection material, energy saving equipment, clean production, waste recycling and processing technology, etc, to speed up the development, application and popularization.

In today's more and more people are concerned about the environment, the brand is not environmental protection consciousness is not only "irresponsible impression" such a problem, but they are likely to face the loss of customers.63% of U.S. consumers say the packaging is recyclable and for other purposes they buy a product of main engine.

As the packaging market and customer demand changing and put forward higher requirements for energy saving and environmental protection products, flexible packaging market although broad prospects, but the green development is an irreversible trend.The mintel report proposes two Suggestions for this: the use of alternative materials in packaging (such as a palm fibre, reed fiber can replace the traditional plastic packing box), or is the use of recycled materials.



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