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The domestic wine market huge domestic wine industry usher in "spring"

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In 2015, according to the latest data imported wine in China totaled 553573891 litres, year-on-year growth of 44.2%;Imports of $2031670743, up 34% from a year earlier.It from the side expressed growing, many domestic consumption of red wine market.Wine market will promote the growth of the online industry, such as red wine manufacturing machinery and equipment industry, they can take advantage of such market conditions, progress and development.

Demand for large import prices

World wine center chief adviser on the mainland, Hong Kong Macao chamber of commerce in the mainland's chief adviser, wines and a national level wine tasters have very confident for the market, "China's imported wine consumption can double in five years," micro once said: "this and domestic income level, education level, taste requirements, but also more and more people pay attention to health, and red wine is a kind of health wine."

At the same time, the imported wine also blow up "JiangJiaFeng" in recent years, import prices $3.67 / liter, fell by 7.3% year-on-year.Notable is, the import of wine from 2014 began to decline in the average price.Had micro said besides tariffs by, one important reason is the domestic dealer is doing better, "the foreign wine before high profit, now the domestic dealers have begun to familiar with the operation of market, China's consumption rate is becoming more and more big, they will and chateau demand, large quantities of imports."In the imported wine, mid-range wine accounted for 70%."High-end wine tasting has been bullish, but overall growth of the largest or low-end wine, with the popularity of wine, low demand of wine will be amazing."

Administration of Australian wine's general manager said publicly that along with the Australian wine importing Chinese tariffs gradually reduced to zero tariff, the price on the market in China will have greater advantage, but once micro said: "the tariff is only 10%, 10% and 14% consumption tax, value-added tax, so the range of the price will not too much."

Domestic wine quality, pricing should be reasonable

And domestic wine is more do better in recent years, rising sales, China's wine also in some international award-winning game.In the field of mid-range wine, domestic wine and imported wine in terms of sales.

Micro once pointed out: "in a big city, sales of imported wine will certainly better than domestic sales, in the small city, is still a home-made changyu, Great Wall dominated, and some of the local government will support the development of the local wine industry."Have micro on domestic wine technology is very confident, he hopes domestic wine can scientific pricing, that would be helpful on sales, "the general consumers haven't accept so high price, there is a period of time."For some baijiu distillery part-time wine production, also had thought, "these wine on sale is not successful, because few people know this brand in the market."


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