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Simple packaging vulnerable to bacteria Food processing health needs to improve

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It is understood that the recall of unsafe food includes: the Beijing red screw food co., LTD production of "snowballing usury" (JiLiangCheng), production date for December 1, 2015, the reason for the total number of mold limit;The high mansion (Beijing) food co., LTD., the trademark for the "D - Plus" natural yeast bread maple sugar taste (70 g/bag), was recalled by fecal coliform exceeds bid, have been recalled products production date for December 10, 2015;In addition, Beijing smell spring food co., LTD., November 20, 2015 the production of glutinous rice ball (280 g/bag) also have been recalled because of coliform group exceeds bid.

Abuse of food additives is also part of the food recall one of the important reasons, among them, Beijing dashun diet food co., LTD in the production of December 19, 2015 without sucrose production bean paste cakes and 11 sucrose with lotus-paste cake have been recalled due to carmine project unqualified.So the same reason recalled and Beijing xin zhai food co., LTD production of five kernel meringue, production date of December 21, 2015.

The total number of colonies why overweight

Escherichia coli, the total number of colonies overweight mean?Abuse of carmine and what's the harm?

Food and nutrition information exchange center, experts said RuanGuangFeng colony to exceed bid that the health of the product may have a problem.Determination of the total number of colonies is used to determine food is the degree of bacterial contamination and health quality.Colony total of more than standard value, the enterprise is not required to strictly control the production process of sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of the container is not in place.And may be related to product packaging, untight seal, improper control of storage and transportation conditions and so on.

If the total number of colonies to exceed bid, will damage the food nutrition, accelerate the deterioration of food.Consumers fell badly exceed total food edible fungi, these bacteria break down in the intestinal tract normal colony environment, part may be exterminated in the gut, part would remain in the body cause diarrhoea, damage the liver and other organs.

Carmine?Carmine RuanGuangFeng points out, is a synthetic pigment, can be used in all kinds of food, is the most widely used in red food coloring a pigment, its dosage accounted for more than 10% of the total amount of edible pigment.

Now in addition to North America, the United States, Canada and the Nordic countries, Norway, Denmark banned carmine is added in the food, in China, the European Union and Japan were allowed to use.Although the international debate on the safety of the carmine, but allows the use of countries to use range and the highest usage has strict rules.

RuanGuangFeng pointed out that as long as the rational use of carmine and aluminum lake, harmless to human body not only, but also can improve the quality and colour and lustre of food.Some food companies are not strictly comply with national requirements, the doping abuse, will harm the rights and interests of consumers and health.

Simple packaging food vulnerable to bacteria

Reporters recently visited the market found that many brands of bulk supermarket snowballing usury, glutinous rice ball, natural yeast bread.Some supermarkets snowballing usury, glutinous rice ball only simple covered with a layer of plastic wrap, consumers after looks at random on the shelf, some plastic wrap or a horn cocked up.Moreover, reporter discovery, at the bottom of the packaging to find the production date, shelf life etc.

To this, the expert reminds, simple packaging food easily damaged, such foods are more likely to attack by bacteria, when consumer is buying similar products, the first to check the packing are in good condition, observe food presence of color, be like likely, nose to smell the smell.Secondly to see whether the production date.Finally, after the purchase to keep buying the credentials, the event of a problem in the rights.

Buy back home must be stored in a cool ventilated place, and finish as soon as possible.In order to avoid storage for too long is not fresh, it is best not to buy too many at a time.

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