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Sheep milk powder into unqualified hard-hit areas Domestic milk powder market environment

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17 domestic milk powder have been notified Sheep milk powder into the worst-hit areas

In last year's sampling rejected product milk powder in the enterprise, after 17 enterprises through the national food administration of drug safety audit still food safety management problems, food safety "HeiBang".

Notable is, in the exposure of infant milk powder, goat milk powder into the worst-hit areas.

Audit, according to the results of shaanxi red star beauty current dairy co, baicheng Long Dan dairy science and technology co., LTD and Yang Lingsheng princess dairy co., ltd. and heilongjiang agricultural reclamation 17 companies such as multivariate dairy co., LTD has many problems in the link of food safety.

Actually in last year's food safety testing, the 17 companies related products have been announcement has a problem, there are nine of them are sheep milk powder enterprises.Sheep varieties of a kind of milk powder, milk powder in recent years gradually, but due to the common problems such as enterprise scale, equipment, management does not reach the designated position, sheep milk powder has become a substandard milk powder a disaster zone.

The nine sheep milk powder are all high-tech enterprise in addition to the goat milk co., LTD. Address in tianjin, the other eight are concentrated in shaanxi, but also reflects the dilemma of shaanxi sheep milk powder.Shaanxi qin long of the templar, for example, production of sheep milk powder on 16 times over the last year, the national food administration of drug safety HeiBang.In addition, billed as the largest sheep milk powder enterprises, shaanxi red star beauty current landed on the new three board last year.But as a private enterprise, it is several times last year on the blacklist.

"From the current market situation, whether fresh milk or milk powder, milk prices are higher than milk."In the milk powder sales industry for more than ten years, says Mr Fu, sheep milk powder is to rise in the domestic market in the past two years, compared with milk form, complete industry at present, the little sheep milk powder milk and unstable.At the same time, sheep milk powder prices are inflated problems, which influence the development of sheep milk powder market.

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