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Packing size diversity into the food industry trends in the future

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In fact, for packaging design, size is not a has often been mentioned but extremely important indicators.No product designers and brands may not to consider the size problem, and it for brand strategy is becoming increasingly important.

Released recently, the us, according to the power of the "meat" report shoppers in the meat sales areas to make a buying decision when they placed great emphasis on convenience, diversity and transparency.Driving factors in the purchase decision, the total price of the price of a pound of meat, packing the shoppers to buy meat and poultry products has become the dominant factor, for a small family and millennium crowds, packaging is more important, the total price of this shows the diversification of the future packaging size.

Similarly, the mintel's report also listed some facts: compared with the past, the family gradually all over the world think more valuable large capacity of milk;39% of UK consumers want to see more namesake fizzy drinks;50% of health conscious of snacks consumers willing to small sample product.

This shows that with the expansion of brand portfolio of products, to meet the demand of consumers different times and different situations, will have to provide more size options - a little smaller, bigger is bigger.

Consumer demand for product size increasingly rich, actually and also gradually to change their way of life.The young workers in the city, for example.They are more likely to live alone or with one or two people sharing is given priority to, buy a small amount of food will be more appropriate;They focus on healthy, high calorie food to eat small package.On the other hand, this group of people living costs are relatively limited, and more budget conscious, will compare size price to buy more cost-effective products.

In recent years, meat, sweets and drinks have smaller size of the packaging, with the people to promote health awareness and the attention to body size has a relationship.Since lead meat, sweets and drinks because consumer demand has the innovation in packing size, so, other food must also follow the market trend, launch more different sizes of product packaging.

To achieve diversification, food packaging size corresponding packaging machinery will be faced with reform and innovation.Although part of packaging machinery in our country at present already started to produce new size packaging, but packaging technology and equipment manufacturing capacity has not yet reached a mature stage, compared with the international advanced level, but also there is a big gap.Packaging machinery manufacturers in China, therefore, needs to be updated timely research and development of technology and equipment manufacturing capacity, to meet consumer demand for different sizes of food, keep up with the world packaging machinery technology.

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