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In recent years, packaging machinery toward high-end transition has gradually revealed its strong momentum of development, the degree of automation, intelligent devices would increase greatly.Therefore, domestic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises to attract industry transformation and upgrading of the test.In recent five years, China's food and packaging machinery industry by 11% a year - an average of 12% growth rate, with the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for food increases, the food packaging must have higher requirements and greater demand, the future is bound to food and packing machinery industry will usher in a rare development opportunity.
The personage inside course of study points out that the concerned expert thinks, packaging product technology content reflected on the processing technology and technical equipment, technology is the core, is the key to the development, validation, manufacturing equipment, packaging machinery in the leading position in the packaging process.Although China has accelerated the technology innovation research and development, narrow the gap between the advanced level with the industry.
Packaging machinery industry development prospect is very optimistic, but only a breakthrough in innovation constantly, to keep up with the change of demand, to grasp the market initiative, to promote industry toward high-end, intelligent direction.
Good times, therefore, in the current policy, domestic packaging machinery is actively to carry on the transformation and upgrading, to high-end, intelligent into complete set of automatic packing line professional field, to adapt to the current of the rapid expansion of the food, pharmaceutical and other industries, for better market opportunity.
The current situation and future of the food packaging machinery industry in our country
At present, in the packaging industry under the premise of continuous development, still can see the contradictions in the packaging machinery industry, enterprises could not cope with the changes of the situation, the industry development ideas and development does not adapt situation;Technology innovation ability is weak, technology progress, new product development has not been fundamentally get rid of the situation imitation research track, competitiveness is not strong, and efficiency of economic growth improve still is driven by size.
Packaging machinery industry in the face of many unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the packaging machinery industry in the development of enterprise, the enterprise should stand at a new starting point up to review and solve various contradictions and problems, changing development idea, strengthen independent innovation, strengthen the consciousness of market, vigorously promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry.To change the packaging machinery industry, promote the development of packaging machinery, industry while striding forward to pay attention to the trend of the development of packaging machinery.
Dairy packaging machinery
With the rapid development of dairy industry in our country, the dairy manufacturers competition intensifying, and that in turn led to the relevant processing and packaging machinery industry development.The focus of the industrial structure homogeneity serious domestic dairy industry competition is concentrated in the milk for preemption, market and technology upgrade, except a handful of dairy giants, most of the dairy companies were looking for its own limited resources advantage into the economic benefits of the market effective way, looking for the survival and development space.
In the increasingly fierce market competition, good yogurt packaging form will surely bring good sales, so the packaging technology improvement and innovation, has also been constantly adapt to the development of dairy industry and customer requirements.Dairy packaging machinery industry started a war.
Food packaging machinery in the future
China's packaging machinery of excessive dependence on foreign high-end technology has severely restricted the sustained, stable development of packaging industry in China.Increasingly fierce competition in food packaging machinery, food packaging machinery in the future will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.And food packaging machinery is stepping up efforts in independent innovation, gradually carry out "the big strong small designed" mode of production and operation, forming a "differential" competition in the market system.
According to China's food machinery equipment is understood, the future is the mainstream of food packaging machinery industry development direction, on the one hand, should be emphasized in the process of production and energy saving, recycling, reduce the waste of raw materials and intelligent equipment, on the other hand, requires more automation product function.Information from China food industry association, according to the national development and reform commission has put food processing and packaging machinery as a priority to the development of food industry in the development of key areas, in the future a long period of time, China's food processing and packaging machinery is expected to more than 12% a year.

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