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Food packaging innovation Arouse the desire to buy the masses

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Packing materials with the needs of society

In terms of packaging materials, currently has a piece of paper, bamboo, metal, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fiber and chemical fiber, glass and other products, and, recently, there are several kinds of new packaging materials research and development innovation.

German scientists use medicine professional technology successfully developed the antibacterial plastic food packaging, the packaging is suitable for liquids such as milk beverage packaging.It is using the coating technology on the plastic packaging film coating a layer of anticorrosive antibacterial materials, instead of the added preservatives in food.But this kind of coating can be made on the basis of materials such as composite resin and special technical implementation.

Recently, researchers at the national university of Singapore's use of grapefruit seed extract to strengthen the natural chitosan composite membrane, successfully developed a kind of environmentally friendly food packaging materials do not contain chemical additives.This new type of food packaging materials can slow down the growth of fungi, extend the shelf life of perishable foods such as bread.

Ikea, a Swedish recently revealed plans to use a kind of fungus as raw materials made of environmentally friendly packaging materials, replace the extensive use of plastic packaging now.The new packaging materials easier to degradation, its main composition is rich in fiber mycelium (mycelium).

Packaging innovation, more in line with the society for the pursuit of environmental protection, food safety, naturally, with more environmentally friendly or better preservation of packaging materials will be sought after by the market, to get more attention of consumers.

Packaging design more "people-oriented"

In addition to rely on to attract consumers concerned about the nature of packaging materials, packaging design is also an important factor.And, unlike packaging materials also have other functions, the existence of the packaging design is in order to attract the attention of potential customers, and convince them to buy the product.How about packaging design is more close to the new requirements and expectations of customers?

1, concise clearly convey information

Like "concise package" must be not a few, when we were talking about the packing design often say this design devoid of mad invalid information, look delicate, pure, also easy and unique.

2, softer

Flexible packaging lightweight, easy to carry, good sealing, some after opening can also be resealed, these advantages in the brand and manufacturer's eyes means that the convenience of transport, better preservation and protection products.And processed easily adjusted to all kinds of shape, size, shape, William gallas on chain, bottle caps, also is not difficult to handle therefore has the multi-function, suitable for different products.

3, size is changeable

Because changing consumer lifestyle, their demand for product size are increasingly rich.The young workers in the city, for example.They live alone or with one or two people share, buy a small amount of food will be more appropriate.

4, digital printing tipping point may occur

Digital printing and traditional printing is the biggest difference is that the latter have printing, based on the template printed millions of copies;The digital printing digital images with the printer to print out directly, don't need to constantly change the plate.That is to say, use digital print to print labels or packaging, you need less time, can appear on the market at a faster time, and easier to customize products.For example, in 2013, Coca-Cola launched a series of "nickname" bottle in a lot of people heart has left a deep impression.

5, "mobile" circumstances, there will be more interactive

The world is becoming more and more intelligent, packaging design, such as the existence of the qr code on the package.Apple recently launched ApplePay used a Near Field Communication (NFC, Near Field Communication, namely the near-field Communication) technology.As long as the built-in NFC chip, close without between two points can be connected to a data transmission and information exchange.

Packaging design, in short, if you want to stimulate domestic demand, will need to meet their needs.

Now on the market of food packaging looks different, it is the same.To be successful in the consumer mind, food packaging innovation is desperately needed.However, food packaging materials updates, or demand change, the packaging design will prompt packaging machinery innovation to upgrade.


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